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WCADIO’s Mission
To increase public awareness of women’s alcohol and drug abuse issues
and to promote services related to women throughout the state of Oregon.
This means ALL women who are affected by their own alcohol or drug use
or that of their family or friends.

WCADIO’s Goals
  • To ensure equity and quality of services for women in the state of Oregon affected by alcohol and other drugs.

  • To receive and evaluate information from Oregon’s
    citizens and alcohol and drug abuse treatment community regarding women’s alcohol
    and drug issues.

  • To provide information and education to the general community.

WCADIO Newsletters

Winter Spring 2019


Your Support Is Needed — Your Voice Will Be Heard



Drinking Him Under the Table Confers No Bragging Rights

Residential Women &
Women w/Children
Providers List

Women's Treatment Group List

Alcohol & Other Drug
Provider List by County

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Summary of AMH Funds

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Online Information Guide
Connecting addicts and their families
with the help they need to put their
lives together


WCADIO Board of Directors


Tanya Pritt
Phone: 541/231-4315

Kelley Story

Secretary and Legislative Liason
Diane Lia
Phone: 503/816-6612

Newsletter Editor
Ginger Martin
Phone: 503/490-3116
Email: gingersnapmartin@gmail.com

Board Members

Beverly DuBosch
Mary Monnat
Jackie Mercer
Rita Sullivan
Ginger Martin
LaLori Lager
Lisa Rivers
Sherri Forsythe
HSD Liaison
Jennifer Foley
Phone: 503/945-5767
Email: jennifer.m.foley@state.or.us
Gwen Griffith
Email: gwen.griffith@tonkon.com

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